Chef bercuti..

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Hoho..dah 2 ari gas xde..chef wan n chef fauzul cuti lg la nmpknye...
Makan luar je....x pon order delivery jek...rindunye nk masak...huahua..
Ape la arab ni..suh tukar gas x tukar2..hampeh tol..
Nk order ape ye mlm ni? Ke ade sape2 nk tlg masakkan? hihi..lapar2~

Review of Manikam Kalbu

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Salam alaik..

Recently, my friend, Pokcik aka Firdaus A. Bakar has posted an entry about reading campaign. And my other friend, Khairul Syahir has posted about reading culture among ourselves. I think both has some similarities in expressing their thoughts and ideas about how reading is important for us as regard a newly-established adulthood environment. Yeah, for most of us (me and my friends) are now in universities, i do agree that we need to have a reading culture suitable with our environment, present and future. The more we grow up, the mature will be. Thus,maturity is not only has to be gained by experiences in life. It should be full of informations. Absolutely through reading.

I am not saying that we as adult cannot read entertainment books like novels or manga, but it should be appropriate with our stage nowadays and to let our adult-brain have appropriate knowledge proportionate to our age. Enough said. We can think for ourselves. If you go to both link,you can find out how truly reading other than school textbook is giving a blast impact. As Pokcik said, don't blame others if you have few knowledge in your head.

By the way, my truely intention of this post is to write a review about a novel which i think is awesome. Its title is Manikam Kalbu. I finished it last week, which was during my holiday. I took about 4 days to finish it due to 'busy of having leisure' know what i mean. (i dont know either).

This 357-pages novel is written by Faisal Tehrani. It is an islamic novel and its language is simply malay and a kind of malay literature in certain chapters. It has glossary at the  very last pages if you don't understand the certain sastera words tough. The story is simple and contain some humors. However it is focusing on one theme which is Fashion and Clothing in islamic point of view.

The story is brought to you in two different eras which are the modern day and the other is the era of Malacca empire. The modern day is starring by a teen boy named Ziryab as its main character who is an orphan,lived with his alzheimer grandmother and stepparents,and the only boy who took ERT (ekonomi rumah tangga) in his school. Meanwhile, the era of malacca empire is starring by Manikam Kalbu who is originally a son of a servant in the istana (castle) and has became a royal jurubusana who travels to many countries to gain more knowledge in fashions and clothing. Both Ziryab and Manikam Kalbu has the same mission which is to create and popularize the Malay cloth (busana melayu) to the whole world, along with its principles as regard to islamic rules and regulation.

The plot is not that twisted and is easy to understand. The author use a magical cat as the story-teller. I think this is a very creative way to express the plot. The story describe the perspective of clothing from Islamic point of view in a very interesting way. Besides, the other knowledge that can be earned is types of cloth,sewing, and other that related to fashion and cloth. I think this is a very awesome idea to combine the idea of fashion, history, love, and islamic religion. As we can see, many inappropriate fashion and clothes has been introduced by the West. The teenagers in our country nowadays are terribly and dreadfully out of clothes. For example, the girls wear sleeveless shirt,bikini,no hijab etc and shamelessly show off their body to public. This is absolutely wrong and far from our eastern culture and islamic religion. Okay,i'm about off the topic again. Whoops.

As a conclusion, this novel is pretty amazing for teenagers especially and to all generally in educating and understanding the clothing way suitable with islamic rules with all its dalil from Al-Quran and Hadith. Not only that, we also can learn the history of malay clothes, which i think it is informative and beneficial. For example, why the baju kurung is named so, what does teluk belanga means, why does tengkolok exsist, how to make colours for clothes during ancient times, and so on. These are the things and informations that aren't be taught in your school textbook. Neither the newspaper will suddenly feed you with such knowledge. Probably teenagers nowadays not even wonder about those things which seem not very interesting in daily life. Unless you are becoming a history researcher though. So where else you can have this kind of knowledge in a supposed arranged manner? At the end of the novel, the author stated that this story is written under full and deep researches. So i think the historical informations is not bias or wrong. Moreover, the author is someone who is famous for his effort in strengthening the malay-islamic literature.

I give 4 out of 5 stars for this novel.

So i wonder,are you convinced enough to read this novel too?

Sebaik-baik pakaian itu adalah Takwa

P/s: whoever want to borrow the novel from me, just let me know. As long as you can take care of it and able to return it back to me. :)

Last day of holiday :(

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Salam alaik..

Nk cuti lg..waaa~ :(

Bestnye tido...

Bestnye tgk cite...

best nye x duk ngadap buku....

bestnye x pyh hafal2...

bestnye reka2 resepi baru...

bestnye tgk mknn2 kt umah..

bestnye pale ringan...x pyh pk byk bnde... ari ni last cuti..

Esok start Sem 2...bermula lah kesinambungan kehidupan medic aku...para..patho..histo..bla bla bla..

kne bgun awal..

kne hafal byk bnde...

kne buat nota...

kne p lecture...

kne pk byk bnde... is interesting,isn't it?...............

Ya allah,permudahkanlah hamba-Mu ini...yoshhh~!

Resepi Udang tempura...

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Salam alaik...

Haa,,ni la resepi yang aku pernah kata kan dalam entri sebelum ini..hikhik..
Nk buat die simple je..Sebenarnya,aku tak pernah makan udang tempura yang style jepun terasa la jgk nk test kan..tapi mane nak dapat kt mesir ni?? haha..kne la buat sendiri..

Mula-mula tengok kat internet..haih..belit2 gak nak buat..maklum la..aku bukannye chef pro yang keje kt hotel..tapi tengok gambaq2 macam udang goreng tepung. Same ke? ntah la labu..

Maka,sempena hari lahir yang spesel tu,aku pun uji la resepi ni..main bantai je ape yang ade kat dapur tu..haha..akhirnye,jadi la gak udang tempura! walaupun tak tau macam mane rase die yang sape2 yang test resepi aku ni..jangan la ingat ni udang tempura yang jepun nye tu..resepi aku,suka ati aku la nk kasi name ape! hahaha~ at least, aku berjaya buat ala2 udang goreng tepung macam kat warong2 makan dekat ngan umah aku kt AU3 tu kn? hihi..selamat mencuba!

Udang Tempura Shazwan


Udang (aku gune 10 ekor je)
Tepung gandum -- 3 sudu besar cukup kot
telur -- 1 biji
Baking powder -- 3 sudu kecik
garam -- 2 cubit
air -- sikit je
pelembut roti -- setengah sudu kecik ( pandai2 je aku letak)
minyak utk menggoreng


1. Bersihkan udang..buang kulit, kepala dan kaki..jangan buang ekor ye..
2. Campurkan bahan2 lain..kacau sehingga rata..pastikan mixture tu tak terlalu pekat atau cair..
3. lumurkan udang tu dengan mixture tadi..kemudian goreng sehingga warna dia keemas-emasan...siap!

p/s: kalau nk smart,lumurkan badan udang tu je..tinggalkan ekor die..

Hey,it's my birthday! Wohoo~

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Wohoo! Sing birthday song for me guys! Hepi besday to me! Good god! (tampaq ckit,hampeh tul :P ) hehe..alhamdulillah..ghupe2 nye dh bertambah lagi umuq still the same..same guy,same name..longer hair,increase in height(yup!), and...ntah. So wat was the special thing i'd done today? Let see...nope. All the same. It's holiday. Waking up late. My breakfast at noon. My lunch at evening..and so on..Hah! Tadaa~ I made the so-called Tempura Shrimps! Yoshhh~ At last ade gk yg sepesel di situ..Nk resepi? Nnt den post kn kt post yg len. Post ni spesel utk birhtday aku jek. Wakakaka..

Oh yeah,thank you to those who remember n wish for my birhtday~ Syg hangpa suma! Kek2,nseb bek my mom pn ingt lg kt besday anak die ni..hehe..

OK2..tahun baru,azam baru! (tahun baru mendenye!)
waaa...cuti nk abih dah..jgn la pegi wahai cuti~~~


A baby called me

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Huhu..ade la plak sorang baby ni pi kol aku. Hello2. I mean,a REAL baby okay...He is anak kepada cucu atuk aku. He's name is Fateh. Umur die skrg 2 thun kot. X sure la. Pndai la plak budak tu nk kol aku?? haha..ntah cne ntah..tym tu parent die tgh solat kot pstu die tkan2 henpon terkol aku lak..die ckp ape sepatah pun den x phm dgr la parent die tgh solat. Huhu..Ingt nk layan kco die tp mcm pelik la plak. Mcm itik n ayam kang. Bazir kredit mak die lak nnt..kek3..adioz. Zaasss!!~

Welcome to My blog V1.5

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Assalamualaikum.Yeay!! Akhirnye berjaya gk diri ini mem'publish'kn blog yg baru. Setelah lebih beberapa bulan nk buat yg blog bru,bru skrg dpt..haha..poyo nk sepak2 je muke aku nih~ Btw, npe v1.5? haha..sbb blogyg dlu tak diteruskan dh..dan juge sbb dlu buat blog gune wordpress..user interface die smart tp susah..template x leh gune slain wordpress nye, so design agk buruk,terbatas, dan old fashion...Lagi pun,yg v1.0 tu hanyelah sbgai pandu uji jek..I tot nk import blog tu ke sini,tp disebabkan kebutaan IT psai bab2 blogging ni,so lantak p la blog itu..fuh,nseb bek x rmai taw blog yg dlu tu cne ek..hihihi..

Oh ye,skrg nih kami sdg bercuti sem 1..sgt kebosanan..nk g jln2 tp x de duit..bek simpan bli PS3@ laptop jln2 pun bgus gk..dpt buka minda, buka hati,etc...Duk umah mengalahkan anak dara tul r aku nih! hohoho..ok2..nk tdo. Kul 1.45 pagi dah nih weh..tdo2~ daaa